Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh dear, I've really not been doing so well updating the blog have I?!
Today we did a lovely ride from Poinsettia train station down to Torrey Pines and then back, with a little loop in between. I decided to move up a group and it was really fun to ride with the B3 team. I was a bit slow on the hills, but they were really sweet waiting for me and lots of fun to hang out with.
We rode 46 miles and did 2k feet of climbing.
It always takes me a little while to get adjusted to riding with other people, I'm a pretty nervous person as it is, and riding close to someone takes a lot of work. The wind was so strong that I was able to ignore my nerves in order to save energy!!
This was basically a repeat of the ride we did a couple of weeks ago. Last week I managed a similar mileage out in east county, which was interesting!