Friday, February 22, 2008


I've decided to keep track of my cycling adventures in a little blog. Not sure how much anyone will be interested in this, but its good for me to keep track of things.

So I've taken up with the ACE team again, thats 'Altitude, Climbing and Endurance'. We started off with a wake up saturday, doing a time trial up our most notorious climb, Torrey Pines hill. A 400ft climb in a mile or so. Then we did time trials round fiesta island. It was a real fun group and I can tell we're going to have some good times!

The following week we tackled the '5 faces' of Soledad Mountain. 800 ft climb in total but we didnt go all the way to sea level. I was doing so well, I decided to try via capri, which was a shame as I went through a bunch of nails and ended up with a flat tire!!

Week 2 25 miles 3200 ft climb

I also managed to meet up with team-mate paul and we did a spin class in the parking lot at work. It was nice to have company as I usually get bored really quickly at home on my own.

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