Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 10th ride- Tour of Poway, Ramona and Julian

Wow, what a ride! We really pushed ourselves this week and got some real miles in! It was a perfect day, great weather, everyone smiling, brilliant pacelines, and we all cheered each other on to finish. Most of us needed a bit of encouragement along the way, but we had a great day and were very proud of our 97 miles and 7000 ft of climbing!

The first pictures are of beautiful bandy canyon, which looks like it got a big hit with the fires, and the other pictures were at the bottom of mussey grade. What a lovely view!

Thanks so much to Kim for helping us out at SAG. The out and backs seemed so much easier knowing there was a PB and J at the end of the road!

Having said that, I think Old Julian Highway was my lowest point, I realised that I was just riding up the road to ride straight back down again! I was really close to turning round, but I made it to the end and past the camel farm and some twitchy looking turkey vultures!

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Steve said...

Camel farm?
Now there's something you don't see every day.