Monday, March 3, 2008

Week 3-Tour de bonsall with more hills!

This weeks training went pretty well. On monday I did spin in front of 'Lost in Translation' then I showed up to proper spin class at Hi-tech bikes. Gosh its a lot more intense when you've got a bunch of people with you. I must try to work harder when its just me.
On Saturday I started the drive up to Poinsettia train station in the drizzle, which wasnt a good sign. It wasnt actually raining so we rode anyway.

It was a really fun ride, bit chilly, you can see that despite the hill climbing, we kept most of our layers on. It was the kind of day that Brits would be very happy with, but Californians stay in doors with a hot chocolate and a book!
We managed 64.5 miles and nearly 3000ft climbing, everyone seemed pretty happy and our paceline improved significantly, which I was very happy with, as I got to draft of people in the chilly wind!
Its got to the stage where I need to crack open the oatmeal. The night before a longer ride I'll leave some oats in the microwave in some boiling water and they are ready to be warmed up for breakkie in the morning and they keep me going all day. Other breakfasts just dont seem to cut it, but the oats always work.

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