Friday, March 28, 2008

Tour of Hidden Valley Road

Wow! What a wonderful view we had on Saturday! It was a truly beautiful day, and wonderful to see the wildflowers. They are better this year than I've ever seen them, probably due to the rains. This whole area was burned by the fires, and we saw some sad sites, and a few people living in trailers next to their burned out houses. I guess the burn areas are looking really beautiful with new growth. I dont know if they specifically included wildflower seeds when they sprayed the hillsides with seeds, but it sure looks like it!

As for ride stats, we did 70 miles and 5000ft of climbing. Golly gosh it was our hardest day yet. As you can see it was blazing hot sunshine, about 30 degrees hotter than last week, so we all found it hard going riding in the heat. I think its good training all in all, but just not all at once like this!

My arm coolers did a good job of keeping me cool though, I kept pouring water on them and they will be with me for the rest of the season. Its a bit annoying our jerseys have black arms, but I think I'll be getting rid of the arms on mine soon enough.

The team were really wonderful and didnt mind waiting for each other, then we all pulled each other home along windy and nasty miramar road....

This week I just managed a couple of spins while watching david attenborough in the south pole and a lot of gory action in terms of seals and penguins.

We're stopping spin classes on a Thursday and doing hill repeats, so I'll look forward to seeing my team on mt soledad from now on!

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