Sunday, April 6, 2008

Couzer Canyon

Well, this week was another hard week, with 84.3 miles and 6700 ft of climbing. Quite a jump really, we did a few less miles than last week and an extra 3000ft of climbing! It took a very long time and we finally made it into the parking lot tired but happy!

The day's excitement started with us seeing a helicopter landing on the old 395 and nearly knocking some of us over with its force, we then wound our way up hill after hill, enjoying a lovely sag in Bonsall with the main team, which was nice.

We then started up the lovely climb of Couzer Canyon, rewarded with SAG at the top. As we enjoyed our PB and J's, we got to watch tom climb up an impossible hill, 'check his shoes' and then race back down. He's an unbelievable athlete and we're in awe.

More delights awaited us, the lovely Joanie rushed up champagne and rewarded us with a strawberry at the top!

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christine said...

What a fabulous ride. That's some impressive climbing you're doing. You earned that strawberry - and some real Champagne too (not just Champagne Boulevard).