Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hot like a furnace!

Here is fern resting up at Rainbow Market, it seemed to really sum the day up with the trippyness of it. Cooel!

We had a really hot day, but everyone did really well and tried their hardest. We were joined by our awesome coach, DJ who kept us smiling and cheered us on all day.

And thanks so much to Tom for helping us out with SAG. He really was wonderful, picking up tons of people to take back, and bringing us the most delicious rosemary potatoes. On a hot day its really hard to keep up with eating, but these were so delicious that we couldnt resist!!

We were treated to a lovely view of the flower fields on our final part of our ride, we were almost too tired to enjoy it!!

Congratulations to Christine in particular, who was really suffering but finished the whole ride with a smile!

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