Monday, June 30, 2008

Palomar repeats!

This one's for you, Wes!! We wanted to show our support to wes with a thumbs up, Chuck very kindly took the picture, and stopped and took lots of pictures of us on our way up palomar. We were very pleased on the way home to read that wes is starting to improve and to respond a lot more, which is wonderful news!!

We started off very happy with the early start, it was a beautiful morning, and our first time ascending the east of Palomar, we were treated to almost empty roads, and beautiful golden sunshine and fantastic views!

For our final heavy training week we set about doing palomar repeats. You can see from the green line that there was a lot of climbing! I was hoping we'd manage three repeats, but the heat was too much, so we managed one east grade and one south grade including a ride to the observatory, then we managed a few rides down to the dip in the shade on the way to the observatory.

I got in 10, 270 ft of climbing and 70.8 miles, hopefully enough to get those 5 passes done in two weeks!

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Christine said...

You are ready for those 5 passes. You can do it!