Saturday, June 21, 2008

Phew what a scorcher!!

Wow, today was hot! Thanks Phil for changing the location of our ride!

We were suffering with the weather around the 90's on Soledad so I cant even begin to imagine how hot it was up at Rincon and Palomar!

We struggled up Soledad's 5 faces a few times, including the 17% Pacifica then went through La Jolla Shores and up to Del Mar for a very well earned coffee break!

Upon reaching the top of Torrey Pines hill, most of the team decided to wind things up, we split into a group going down Gilman back to the parking lot, and a silly group going up Via Capri. Guess which one I picked!!

I thought I was going to throw up, but I made it to the top and was very pleased to see Rick, Tom, DJ and Coach Phil waiting for me. I threw some water on my head, gathered my thoughts, and decided to try and get a bit more climbing in before calling it a day.

I made it down Nautilus, a detour around Windansea beach, then to Cardeno. Phew. My Garmin still only registered 7800 ft climbing, but I'm hoping it will register as 8k when I download it! I also managed 70 miles.

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Paul Anderson said...

Sounds like an awesome ride and you guys were able to beat the heat! Good job!