Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Solamar again, this time with the observatory!

This week seemed even hotter, we started off from Solana Beach at 7am and it was warm. We made our way to Escondido, the Del dios climb was hard as we knew how far we still had to go. But once we started up Lake Wolford Road, spirits were high, Christine was kind enough to help coach Phil with a push and we were looking forward to our first sag at the lake. We met the wonderful B'ones, who were cheering us on the whole day.

Things were going well although we really suffered on the lower slopes of Palomar. It seemed hot and humid and was really hard to keep sane in the heat. Thankfully the Bones were there every step of the way, at the bottom of Palomar, then twice more to give us water and lots of cheers. Poor Diana was really suffering, but she did really well and we all made it up to the top, rode up to the observatory and stopped for a delicious lunch at Mothers Kitchen. Our spirits were high, and we tackled the miserable Rincon Grade and had more snacks at the school and things were getting better and better.

It was an extremely long day, getting back to the cars at 7pm, but we were all very proud of our achievements, 108 miles and 11,000ft climbing! There were only 5 of us, but Tom was unbelievable, doing a repeat, then coming back for Diana, Christine and Diana did great, finishing with a smile despite trepidation, and coach Phil was as kind and patient as always!

I also saw lots of pretty flowers, the lupins were all out to greet us and there were some other beautiful flowers to catch our eye and take our minds off the climb.

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